Week 15/16 – RUDY! RUDY!



Ahhhh, 1993. I remember it well. At the time I was in the ARMY. Was TDY (temporary duty) in Atlanta, Georgia for a couple of weeks. So I got that coveted day off. What does a soldier that doesn’t know anyone or where to go do? Go to the movies! The theater was located at the mall. So of course I had walk around first and buy Atlanta souvenirs. By this time it was movie time!  Have seen bits and pieces of this movie through the years. Finally sat down to watch from beginning to end again.

“RUDY” starts off in a small Illinois town, young kids playing football on what looks like a back yard. The smallest guy on the field, the one that got pushed around, Rudy. And as a child, already has the dream and desire to achieve the goal of playing football for the mighty Notre Dame. And that is evident by wearing the golden helmet in a backyard game.

Through the years, he grows up. No athletic ability, poor grades due to dyslexia, and poor economic status. All needed things to be able to attend and play football for a major powerhouse collage team. Then add to the equation, a family pounding in his head telling him it’s okay to be mediocre. The family in whole was mediocre and there was no expectation for him to achieve greatness.

So while working in the steel mill, his best friend dies in a tragic accident. In truth this is where Rudy’s journey begins. With the loss of the only person that believed in him, he decides to move to South Bend. Upon attending, he makes his way to Notre Dame’s head coach office to introduce himself and looks forward to playing for him.

Rudy had many hurdles to jump to even get into Notre Dame, much less making the football team. So after enrolling in the local community collage, he makes his way to Notre Dame’s head coach office to introduce himself and looks forward to playing for him. His hard work on his grades, he finally gets in to Notre Dame on his final semester of transfer eligibility.

At walk on tryouts for the football team, after seeing Rudy’s determination and heart, an assistant coach take a leap of faith a decides to give Rudy a spot on the practice squad. Again, with pure determination, Rudy gets to suit up for a game. And of course, we all the ending.  RUDY! RUDY!!!

Now this is a GREAT inspiring story of overcoming the odds. But the true underling is


  • First Rudy had a burning desire for his purpose! Very simple. Play for Notre Dame football team.
  • Second, he had a plan. Work on grades to make it into Notre Dame and work hard to make the team.
  • Third, despite the failures along the way, never letting the negative of can’t enter his head.
  • And last but not least,  an alliance with one or more persons who encouraged him to follow through with both plan and purpose. And that came through his groundskeeper boss and his friend who tutored him. Without them, , his dream would have not manifested.

So realizing how he used persistence, YES, it truly is a GREAT story!!!



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