Week 13/14 – Back to the basics


First, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone! My oh my it was a busy one!

So a week off? I think not. Some of you that have kept up with me know that I have had some struggles. Whether it being with the old blueprint or within my personal life. Which really is caused by that pesky old blueprint.

So because of some of my struggle I felt it necessary to go “back to the basics”. Listening to the replays. Re-reading the Master Keys and OG. And then the re-doing index cards. Getting back to the fundamentals of training the brain, is really something I needed. When first thinking about doing this, it felt like I was going to fall three steps back. But the case is, I feel more confident than I have ever had. EVER.


With this confidence I am closer to defeating my “dragons”.

As I read other blogs and read comments and questions in the members area, even knowing this is not a competition, even with knowing this is my journey and belongs to no one else, I felt I was behind in my light coming through. I felt the dragon had me held down and was not going to release me anytime soon. Was my confidence that low where I could not even leave comments? Yup! Where does leave me today? Like before, I find myself free from the grip of the dragon. And again it comes from certain laws of the mind. First and foremost, the law of practice. Practicing the law of duel thought and the law of substitution has been invaluable! And then there is continuously repeating “I AM WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS & HAPPY” that has brought that something in me. I not going to question what that something is. I’m just going to trust it! So yes, sometimes you do have to go back to go forward.

Now to my A-HA moment. What was it that brought me to go back?



There are so many things that Mark J. has said that he got from Earl Nightingale’s – The Strangest Secret. And for whatever reason, it really hit me this time. in the audio, Earl Nightingale describes a huge earth moving truck full of dirt. And at the top, seeing a man driving this massive vehicle. Now imagine this was your mind. If we don’t steer it, where will it? Basically it will just go into a ditch.  Do I really want to end up just going aimlessly and eventually into a ditch? Who does? So the steering wheel is now firmly in my hands. And I am the only that can decide where to steer it.




  1. That is terrific Dave, it is so good to hear of Mr. Nightingale’s recording still bringing light to people’s world. I know it has for me! You are correct in that this journey is different for each of us. You have discovered an important part of it – it being YOUR journey. I look forward to following you as you go through this journey!

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