Week 6 – Feeling Like a Child :Building a Dream


The smell of Elmer’s glue and getting all over your fingers to let it dry and peel off. Admit it, you’ve done it! The sound of construction paper being cut. And just the general mess of cut paper all over the place!

Yes, just feeling like a big old kid again. Not giving one care to what people around me are thinking or saying about me. Just in my own little world cutting and pasting away!

As I was going through other peoples blogs and enjoying some reading time, I came across @masterkeysaras blog. The lead photo, from a Jason Mraz music video, was so simple and beautiful! I just had to include it on top of  my own dream board.


This really was a great exercise for me and was something I really needed. I had been going through some struggles. Letting life dictate what kind of decisions I had been making on a day to day basis, But this simple four letter word cut out paper and bringing these colors into life, made a the biggest impact on me. LOVE, so simple but so powerful! It is a this point I realized that LOVE is the main motivator for all of our dreams, A LOVE for your spouse, family,your car, your pets, etc… But mostly a LOVE FOR YOURSELF!

Another kid moment… going from isle to isle looking for toy compasses. Was looking for multi-pack of them. Wanting to have one basically in all places I go. i.e. – car, desk, bedroom… So I ask the clerk and she ask is it for an adventure birthday party. Had a look of confusion when I told her they were all for me. So the obvious question, she was very curious. At this point I gave her a cliff notes version of MKMMA. Could not believe the interest she had. So this led into a deeper conversation and how and why. Needless to say this turned into a lunch meeting about buisness. Of course an intro to the hero’s journey! So the compass has led me into a prospect trying to find their own way. GIVE LOVE, GET LOVE!



  1. Great and very fitting for me! Thanks. I was emailed LOVE in the shapes by my guide at a very appropriate time and like you it stands out for me. I’m going to go buy some construction paper and cut shapes like a kid….just like you! Cheers. I enjoyed the read

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  2. I LOVE to have the kid in me rule my world – and to see other people’s inner KID play out in the open – Kid consciousness is often genius and truthful and brings exactly what is needed to every situation and to the world… thank you for reminding me


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