PRESS RELEASE! Interview with DAVID REYES by Dave Reyes

It is a beautiful July 4th weekend here on Frye Island, Maine in Sebago Lake. Sitting here on the back patio with David Reyes. Just a glorious view of the lake. David points out a small group of young adults on the shore. “You see those two handsome young men about to get on that boat? Well, those are my boys J.D. & JUSTIN!” he says excitedly.


From that point as he sips on bottled water he hands me a bottle. “Shall we begin?” he ask. I was taken aback on his eagerness to start. I had many times heard on how laid back he is. He is from Texas after all. He shortly informs me he has to pick up his father from Portland Airport later this afternoon. “Don’t say anything to my boys! It’s a surprise!!!”. I just laugh and agree to jump into it.

Me – So speaking of your father. how is he? I understand life has become easier for him.

David – Oh he is fantastic! Easier is an understatement! He is living a stress free life now, and because of that, his health has improved considerably.

Me – Stress free? How is that? 

David – A few years back, I told myself I was going to find a way to take care of him by being able to get his home paid in full and take care of any other expenses he had. Mostly medical bills. So that is exactly what I did! Plus because he can’t get around like he once did, I make sure his home is taken care of. You know, things like the lawn being mowed and just general upkeep of the home.

Me – What kind of feeling is that to know he is now taken care of?

David – Oh you have no idea! The look on his face when I handed him the paperwork showing everything paid in full… (visibly turning teary) Just to hear him say thank you and I love you and seeing the gratefulness in his face means the whole world to me! For his whole life he has worked two, sometime three jobs just to keep a roof over our head and food on the table. And for him to still be working and worrying about how he’s going to be able to pay this bill or that bill, just was not right! Especially for someone in their 70’s. He took care of me and the family without hesitation, it was just natural that I now take care of him.

Me – That’s really awesome!  So how about your boys over there? How are they doing?

David – Oh doing great as well! As you can see, not boys anymore. They are adults with such great futures ahead of them. With their busy lives, I make it a point for us to spend time together during the summers here. Plus you’re not going to to catch me here during the winters! (laughs)

Me – What do you do with your time here?

David _ Almost all of our time is spent here. However, we do travel down to Boston to see some great concerts. J.D. and I have seen TOOL & SLIPKNOT. And Justin insist I take him to see the Boston Symphony. Which is his goal to playing euphonium for them within the next two years. I get so choked up and proud of him when a watch and hear him play!

Me – So I hear you’re a golfer.

David – (Laughs) Well I attempt, But that game plays me! It’s just time that I really enjoy. Which I have too, because I’m really not good.

Me – How was your adventure on St. Andrews?

David – I had a blast! I just wish I went in my beach attire because I spent most of the time in the sand traps. (laughing) But I really do enjoy it! And I can brag to everyone that I got a birdie on the 18th hole. But my time in Scotland and Ireland was incredible! For the exception  of my escape to the golf course, I spent the whole time touring as many castles as I could. You can just breath in the rich history. I really was mind blowing on how long those structures have been standing there and all of events that took place there. WOW!

Me –  Well looks and sound like you try to stay active?

David –  Oh I can not stand to be still! I have a deep family history of diabetes. And yes, I have been diagnosed with it as well. So very recently I got lazy and complacent and my blood sugar got out of control. There was many factors to this. But it all came down to the choices I was making. I drank alcohol at least 6 nights a week. Ate fast food for majority of my meals. And sat on the couch doing nothing except changing the channel.

Me – What did you do to change things?

David – I made a decision. I want to live a long life. So I joined this thing called The Challenge by Body By Vi. Have some really great products. But the main thing I used was their meal replacement shakes. Of course they don’t work if I’m downing a shake while I’m eating pizza, So I made to commitment to eat clean and stick with my Challenge. I’m hiking once a week, jogging twice a week and weight training twice a week as well. Plus leaving the alcohol alone has help considerably as well! It sounds like a lot of changes, but once you make your mind up, it really is simple to do.

Me- Sounds amazing!

David – It really is! But one suggestion I always make to people, regardless if it’s physical activity, business activity or just ANY activity at all, TURN THE TELEVISION OFF, GET OFF YOUR PHONE AND GET OUTSIDE!

Me – Thank you so much for your time!

David – Yeah, I gotta get to the airport before my dad thinks I forgot about him!!!


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