Week 2 – Some realizations on why…

So last week I told you that this is not my first go around with MKMMA or THINK AND GROW RICH. However it is different this time. There is a devotion in myself that I’ve never seen in me. I have dived in the deep end head first.
So I had to ask myself “what is so different this time?”.
In that process some issues with my personal life have been coming into light.
As I’m a road to positivity, I’m finding myself withdrawing from negative situations and people. Sounds like a good thing and I know that it is. However, one of the people has been my girlfriend of four years. Along with her son. Without too much detail, it is a family with mental disease. Bipolar, depression, anger, etc…
And with trying to be the “strong” one, I had lost myself. So in the times I previously tried with the courses, I let that take control of me.
Can it be possible for me to know that all this time I’ve known I have been broken?
Can it be possible that finally I realized I need to go back to who I am?
And with becoming the person whom I am intended to be, is it selfish of me for wanting this and push myself away from the dark clouds into the sunlight?
Regardless of selfish or not, I know this is necessary. For me and anybody else that is contact with me.




  1. You have courage to face this Dave. Congratulations. This reminded me of an image I saw of someone underwater – “Sometimes you don’t realize you’re actually drowning trying to save everybody else.”. A powerful image.

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