Week 15/16 – RUDY! RUDY!



Ahhhh, 1993. I remember it well. At the time I was in the ARMY. Was TDY (temporary duty) in Atlanta, Georgia for a couple of weeks. So I got that coveted day off. What does a soldier that doesn’t know anyone or where to go do? Go to the movies! The theater was located at the mall. So of course I had walk around first and buy Atlanta souvenirs. By this time it was movie time!  Have seen bits and pieces of this movie through the years. Finally sat down to watch from beginning to end again.

“RUDY” starts off in a small Illinois town, young kids playing football on what looks like a back yard. The smallest guy on the field, the one that got pushed around, Rudy. And as a child, already has the dream and desire to achieve the goal of playing football for the mighty Notre Dame. And that is evident by wearing the golden helmet in a backyard game.

Through the years, he grows up. No athletic ability, poor grades due to dyslexia, and poor economic status. All needed things to be able to attend and play football for a major powerhouse collage team. Then add to the equation, a family pounding in his head telling him it’s okay to be mediocre. The family in whole was mediocre and there was no expectation for him to achieve greatness.

So while working in the steel mill, his best friend dies in a tragic accident. In truth this is where Rudy’s journey begins. With the loss of the only person that believed in him, he decides to move to South Bend. Upon attending, he makes his way to Notre Dame’s head coach office to introduce himself and looks forward to playing for him.

Rudy had many hurdles to jump to even get into Notre Dame, much less making the football team. So after enrolling in the local community collage, he makes his way to Notre Dame’s head coach office to introduce himself and looks forward to playing for him. His hard work on his grades, he finally gets in to Notre Dame on his final semester of transfer eligibility.

At walk on tryouts for the football team, after seeing Rudy’s determination and heart, an assistant coach take a leap of faith a decides to give Rudy a spot on the practice squad. Again, with pure determination, Rudy gets to suit up for a game. And of course, we all the ending.  RUDY! RUDY!!!

Now this is a GREAT inspiring story of overcoming the odds. But the true underling is


  • First Rudy had a burning desire for his purpose! Very simple. Play for Notre Dame football team.
  • Second, he had a plan. Work on grades to make it into Notre Dame and work hard to make the team.
  • Third, despite the failures along the way, never letting the negative of can’t enter his head.
  • And last but not least,  an alliance with one or more persons who encouraged him to follow through with both plan and purpose. And that came through his groundskeeper boss and his friend who tutored him. Without them, , his dream would have not manifested.

So realizing how he used persistence, YES, it truly is a GREAT story!!!


Week 13/14 – Back to the basics


First, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone! My oh my it was a busy one!

So a week off? I think not. Some of you that have kept up with me know that I have had some struggles. Whether it being with the old blueprint or within my personal life. Which really is caused by that pesky old blueprint.

So because of some of my struggle I felt it necessary to go “back to the basics”. Listening to the replays. Re-reading the Master Keys and OG. And then the re-doing index cards. Getting back to the fundamentals of training the brain, is really something I needed. When first thinking about doing this, it felt like I was going to fall three steps back. But the case is, I feel more confident than I have ever had. EVER.


With this confidence I am closer to defeating my “dragons”.

As I read other blogs and read comments and questions in the members area, even knowing this is not a competition, even with knowing this is my journey and belongs to no one else, I felt I was behind in my light coming through. I felt the dragon had me held down and was not going to release me anytime soon. Was my confidence that low where I could not even leave comments? Yup! Where does leave me today? Like before, I find myself free from the grip of the dragon. And again it comes from certain laws of the mind. First and foremost, the law of practice. Practicing the law of duel thought and the law of substitution has been invaluable! And then there is continuously repeating “I AM WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS & HAPPY” that has brought that something in me. I not going to question what that something is. I’m just going to trust it! So yes, sometimes you do have to go back to go forward.

Now to my A-HA moment. What was it that brought me to go back?



There are so many things that Mark J. has said that he got from Earl Nightingale’s – The Strangest Secret. And for whatever reason, it really hit me this time. in the audio, Earl Nightingale describes a huge earth moving truck full of dirt. And at the top, seeing a man driving this massive vehicle. Now imagine this was your mind. If we don’t steer it, where will it? Basically it will just go into a ditch.  Do I really want to end up just going aimlessly and eventually into a ditch? Who does? So the steering wheel is now firmly in my hands. And I am the only that can decide where to steer it.


Week 10/11/12 – I fell off my bike


Life and subby are pretty sneaky and relentless.
Please forgive if it seems like I’m jumping around the place. I will get to a point somewhere near the end of this. 🙂
I have gotten messages from some of y’all, and I really do appreciate the comments and concerns. It truly means so much to me! Rest assured I am still here and still plugging away. Now to be totally honest, maybe not as much as I should of been. It really is true on how your subby creates situations to feed the addictions of certain feelings. Those damn peptides! So yes it still is an ongoing battle with that old blueprint.
I had made plenty of progress on the “off” week. Gave me a chance to catch up on certain things and sorta of charge my batteries. Things looking up again! Here comes the old blueprint again…
December has always been tough. Not because of the holidays or anything like that. The 21st is the anniversary of my mother’s passing. One of those things that on a yearly basis just knocks the wind out of me.


For the past four years I have been in a relationship with a firecracker of a woman. And I love the fact that her name is Hope. Life has definitely been a roller coaster.  For she is bipolar with manic depression. And yes, I was fully aware this when I entered this relationship. Another one of those subconscious things of getting into a relationship where I’m the one that has to provide and fix things. And end result is things get better, relationship falls apart. But on this case, there is no fixing it. Something I have never encountered before. Good and bad about this. Well actually bad. So while I’m here my peptides continue to get fed. And I know these peptides are not healthy for MY well being and letting my light come through. I know the disease she has is real and I know it is something that will never end. And I realized this as I would go visit her in the hospital this past week. So now I’m in a place where there is a constant cloud of negativity and despair.


So I’ve been sitting. And reading. And sitting. And more sitting. Many times away from home. In the car. At the park before a long hike. But sitting and listening. Each time hearing “Use the laws”. And believe me I have used all seven laws in the past couple of weeks. With four habits we call PERSISTENCE!
1. Law of substitution – every time Hope or myself get in negative situations, I think about our trip to the coast and we had such a wonderful time.
2. Law of relaxation –
With using the law of substitution, it automatically brought a state of relaxation.
3. Law of practice –
This one should be self explanatory. With as many moments of needing to use any particular law, I have gotten plenty of practice.
4. Law of forgiveness – forgive the things that have been said to me knowing that it cannot be helped.
5. Law of dual thought – attaching a feeling of gratefulness knowing that all of this is making me stronger.
6. Law of subconscious – having full faith that persistence will manifest conditions to get me through this.
7. Law of growth – with my DMP in hand and continuous reading, this already is manifesting.
So with these laws, I am digging in again.
On the last webby, Mark asked us to read our one sentence DMP for 50 minutes in front of the mirror. The amount of emotions that went through me in that short time frame is in one word, remarkable! I cried. I laughed. I got angry. And I cried again. All in all, it drove a deeper belief in me and saw chunks of concrete just falling off.
I’m back on my bike and not falling off it again!
Thank you for bearing with me through this blog! I love  all of you!

Week 9 – Thank you!


Before I begin, I have a short story for you…

So I’m walking the dog last evening, and while on the walk I usually stop by the mailbox. So there is a small package with MY NAME on it! (I rarely get mail.) Before I even open it, a tear runs down my face. I have a feeling what is in this envelope. I get back to the apartment and like a kid at Christmas time , rip it open! Sure enough there is a toy compass & and magnifying glass. There is a small note card along with it. It simply says “Are they simple child toys or a link to your superhero powers? You decide…” It took me an hour to stop crying. Keith & Dana McCauley, THANK YOU & LOVE YOU for caring about someone you have never met!

Another Thanksgiving day has come and gone. As this day has passed and I look into the refrigerator to contemplate what kind of meal I can make with still more leftover turkey, I just say THANK YOU. Was not talking to anyone. Was just saying out loud, THANK YOU. Holidays like Thanksgiving or even Valentine’s day to me are daily celebrations. Why does the world stop to appreciate things like THANKS or LOVE just certain days of the year? If I only take just one thing away from the MKMMA experience, it is that I now have a true and deep understanding harmonious thoughts. So EVERYDAY I am truly thankful for even the smallest thing. Even leftover turkey.



Simply a wonderful and powerful affirmation! Like others, when growing up, was always told “nobody’s perfect”. I now know this is the furthest thing from the truth. We are all perfect!

I know. Was short this week. But I think I said a lot without saying much. 😉

Week 7/8 – Living by the Compass & other thoughts.


So as I’m driving down the highway, cars passing me by, just speeding on through, there I am. Going at my own pace. No rush, no hurry. Compass hanging on rear view mirror. I just smile. No clock, just my compass.
As some of you know, for a living I am a DJ/karaoke host. So you can imagine the excitement about searching for music to record over. Now my music of preference is hard rock. I knew imeditally what song I wanted. What made it even better, I found a string quartet version of the song. Oh I had such a great time recording! The surprising thing that I found, how much easier my walks, hikes and bike rides are. I get lost in the moment and my workouts much easier to handle.


And now for tonight’s main event… LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!
Yes, the fight continues.
That damn old blueprint just won’t go down. I have won a few rounds but just when I think I’m about to finish the fight, OBP hits me again. Yes I have been knocked down but I’m not going out. I have exercised to much. I have been through to much to go down again.   In the words of OG Mandino –

Failure no longer will be my payment for struggle. Just as nature made no provision for my body to tolerate pain neither has it made any provision for my life to suffer failure.

I’m back! I’m digging in! I’m not going down again !

Week 6 – Feeling Like a Child :Building a Dream


The smell of Elmer’s glue and getting all over your fingers to let it dry and peel off. Admit it, you’ve done it! The sound of construction paper being cut. And just the general mess of cut paper all over the place!

Yes, just feeling like a big old kid again. Not giving one care to what people around me are thinking or saying about me. Just in my own little world cutting and pasting away!

As I was going through other peoples blogs and enjoying some reading time, I came across @masterkeysaras blog. The lead photo, from a Jason Mraz music video, was so simple and beautiful! I just had to include it on top of  my own dream board.


This really was a great exercise for me and was something I really needed. I had been going through some struggles. Letting life dictate what kind of decisions I had been making on a day to day basis, But this simple four letter word cut out paper and bringing these colors into life, made a the biggest impact on me. LOVE, so simple but so powerful! It is a this point I realized that LOVE is the main motivator for all of our dreams, A LOVE for your spouse, family,your car, your pets, etc… But mostly a LOVE FOR YOURSELF!

Another kid moment… going from isle to isle looking for toy compasses. Was looking for multi-pack of them. Wanting to have one basically in all places I go. i.e. – car, desk, bedroom… So I ask the clerk and she ask is it for an adventure birthday party. Had a look of confusion when I told her they were all for me. So the obvious question, she was very curious. At this point I gave her a cliff notes version of MKMMA. Could not believe the interest she had. So this led into a deeper conversation and how and why. Needless to say this turned into a lunch meeting about buisness. Of course an intro to the hero’s journey! So the compass has led me into a prospect trying to find their own way. GIVE LOVE, GET LOVE!

PRESS RELEASE! Interview with DAVID REYES by Dave Reyes

It is a beautiful July 4th weekend here on Frye Island, Maine in Sebago Lake. Sitting here on the back patio with David Reyes. Just a glorious view of the lake. David points out a small group of young adults on the shore. “You see those two handsome young men about to get on that boat? Well, those are my boys J.D. & JUSTIN!” he says excitedly.


From that point as he sips on bottled water he hands me a bottle. “Shall we begin?” he ask. I was taken aback on his eagerness to start. I had many times heard on how laid back he is. He is from Texas after all. He shortly informs me he has to pick up his father from Portland Airport later this afternoon. “Don’t say anything to my boys! It’s a surprise!!!”. I just laugh and agree to jump into it.

Me – So speaking of your father. how is he? I understand life has become easier for him.

David – Oh he is fantastic! Easier is an understatement! He is living a stress free life now, and because of that, his health has improved considerably.

Me – Stress free? How is that? 

David – A few years back, I told myself I was going to find a way to take care of him by being able to get his home paid in full and take care of any other expenses he had. Mostly medical bills. So that is exactly what I did! Plus because he can’t get around like he once did, I make sure his home is taken care of. You know, things like the lawn being mowed and just general upkeep of the home.

Me – What kind of feeling is that to know he is now taken care of?

David – Oh you have no idea! The look on his face when I handed him the paperwork showing everything paid in full… (visibly turning teary) Just to hear him say thank you and I love you and seeing the gratefulness in his face means the whole world to me! For his whole life he has worked two, sometime three jobs just to keep a roof over our head and food on the table. And for him to still be working and worrying about how he’s going to be able to pay this bill or that bill, just was not right! Especially for someone in their 70’s. He took care of me and the family without hesitation, it was just natural that I now take care of him.

Me – That’s really awesome!  So how about your boys over there? How are they doing?

David – Oh doing great as well! As you can see, not boys anymore. They are adults with such great futures ahead of them. With their busy lives, I make it a point for us to spend time together during the summers here. Plus you’re not going to to catch me here during the winters! (laughs)

Me – What do you do with your time here?

David _ Almost all of our time is spent here. However, we do travel down to Boston to see some great concerts. J.D. and I have seen TOOL & SLIPKNOT. And Justin insist I take him to see the Boston Symphony. Which is his goal to playing euphonium for them within the next two years. I get so choked up and proud of him when a watch and hear him play!

Me – So I hear you’re a golfer.

David – (Laughs) Well I attempt, But that game plays me! It’s just time that I really enjoy. Which I have too, because I’m really not good.

Me – How was your adventure on St. Andrews?

David – I had a blast! I just wish I went in my beach attire because I spent most of the time in the sand traps. (laughing) But I really do enjoy it! And I can brag to everyone that I got a birdie on the 18th hole. But my time in Scotland and Ireland was incredible! For the exception  of my escape to the golf course, I spent the whole time touring as many castles as I could. You can just breath in the rich history. I really was mind blowing on how long those structures have been standing there and all of events that took place there. WOW!

Me –  Well looks and sound like you try to stay active?

David –  Oh I can not stand to be still! I have a deep family history of diabetes. And yes, I have been diagnosed with it as well. So very recently I got lazy and complacent and my blood sugar got out of control. There was many factors to this. But it all came down to the choices I was making. I drank alcohol at least 6 nights a week. Ate fast food for majority of my meals. And sat on the couch doing nothing except changing the channel.

Me – What did you do to change things?

David – I made a decision. I want to live a long life. So I joined this thing called The Challenge by Body By Vi. Have some really great products. But the main thing I used was their meal replacement shakes. Of course they don’t work if I’m downing a shake while I’m eating pizza, So I made to commitment to eat clean and stick with my Challenge. I’m hiking once a week, jogging twice a week and weight training twice a week as well. Plus leaving the alcohol alone has help considerably as well! It sounds like a lot of changes, but once you make your mind up, it really is simple to do.

Me- Sounds amazing!

David – It really is! But one suggestion I always make to people, regardless if it’s physical activity, business activity or just ANY activity at all, TURN THE TELEVISION OFF, GET OFF YOUR PHONE AND GET OUTSIDE!

Me – Thank you so much for your time!

David – Yeah, I gotta get to the airport before my dad thinks I forgot about him!!!